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Top 4 essentials for your surfboard

The most important piece of equipment in surfing is without a doubt your surfboard. But without the right essentials for the board, you might get a difficult time in the water. Some of the most important surfboard accessories, help to improve grip and control over your surfboard, while other important surfboard essentials are a crucial part of your safety in the water.


Surfboard fins are attached to the bottom of your board. Back in the days, surfboard fins were an integrated part of the surfboard, but now a day surfboard fins can be exchanged, which is beneficial for various reasons. You might want to change your fins if they get damaged on the reef, too avoid throwing away the whole surfboard. In other scenarios, you can benefit from different types of fins in different kinds of conditions. Surfboard fins give your more control and speed when riding waves. There are different types of fin setups and the type of fins you need depends on your surfboard type.


Your surfboard leash is your number one priority in terms of safety in the water. The leash will make sure you always have your surfboard within reach, so you can get away from the impact zone, after a heavy wipeout. The surf leash is your “safety net” in the water. As long as you have your board, you should be able to paddle out of rip currents and other dangerous conditions.


Next up on the list is surfboard wax. Surfboard wax was invented to give grip on the professional fiberglass shortboards, but it can also be applied to soft tops, for a similar feel and result. The improved grip will help you maintain balance and control and increase your chances of stay on the surfboard and completing your ride.

Be aware that there are different types of surfboard wax, depending on the water temperature/climate you are surfing in. Coldwater wax will not work in tropical climates and vice versa, so it’s important to understand the difference, to pick up the right wax for your needs.

Traction pad

Last but not least, we have traction pads. Traction pads are an additional layer of grip to your surfboard, that will be attached at the tail of the surfboard. The traction pad will cover your back foot, which controls stability. Traction pads are only used on fiberglass boards since soft top boards are already made of a foamy material that has the same effect.

These were the top four essentials that every surfer needs for their board. Stop by your local surf shop and pick up the right surfboard accessories, so you are prepared when the next big swell hits your local beach break.


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